We envision a world where communities fully participate in a multiracial democracy and lead thriving lives.

Two people with masks at a demonstration holding signs that read "Asians for Black Lives"
A yellow sun shape with the words Freedom - our work is liberated in Self-determination, Intersectionality, and Freedom

AAPI Civic Engagement Fund Awards More than $6 Million to Movement Building Groups Across the U.S.

Through its grantmaking approach, AAPI Civic Engagement Fund continues to deepen a nationwide ecosystem of durable and sustainable organizations that are building power, learning and sharing strategies, and transforming systems.

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AAPI Fund Collaborates with UCLA LPPI on a New Data Brief about the Rising AAPI Latino Population in the U.S.

The UCLA Latino Policy and Politics Institute in partnership with the AAPI Civic Engagement Fund released a new Latino Data Hub brief that uncovers the diverse experiences and challenges faced by different racial groups within the U.S. Latino population.

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From our Grantees

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Building since 2013

In 2013, a group of pioneering donors came together to discuss ways to substantively boost AAPI civic engagement. It became apparent that a specific fund, dedicated to expanding and deepening community capacity, was needed. Thus, the AAPI Civic Engagement Fund was conceived.