Amy Chapman (Michigan) is a strategic planning and organizational development consultant who specializes in operations management, personnel leadership and communications guidance. Amy is the former CEO of Information Staffing Services, Inc. (ISSI), a not for profit company she founded that provided data, targeting and political services to national and state-based 527’s, C4s and C3s with 40 staff in 20 states. Her long career includes numerous national and state based positions. Besides founding and running ISSI, Amy has served a senior advisor to the Obama for President re-election effort in Michigan in 2012 and was the national campaign’s Michigan Director in 2008, supervising more than 350 staff in 63 offices. Recently, Amy has been working with foundations, non-profits, and campaigns throughout the country to assist them in strategic planning, program assessment, plan writing, staff and leadership mentoring and technical assistance including the National Education Association, the national AFL-CIO, State Voices, Make It Work Campaign, Michigan League of Conservation Education Fund, America Votes, Next Gen, AFSCME, AFT, the Michigan Donor Alliance and the Service Employees International Union.

Approach to Coaching: I start off by developing a close relationship to the group/individual and let them know that I consider myself to be an advocate on their behalf. I try to listen as much as possible and see what they consider to be their biggest needs and try to learn as much as possible by asking questions and not coming in with any presumptions about them or their work.

Amy Chapman

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