Connie is an artist, strategy design consultant, and philanthropist. In her art, Connie uses the medium of fiber collage to explore and reveal the complexity of race in America. Recently her art has been featured at the National Academy of Medicine’s Visualize Health Equity Community Art Project and in Shakti Butler’s film, Cracking the Codes: The System of Racial Inequity and on Professor Lani Guinier’s book, The Tyranny of Meritocracy.

When she is not in her studio, Connie collaborates with academics, philanthropists and grassroots leaders to create learning spaces to share research and strategies to address structural racialization and implicit bias. She developed and co-authored the Systems Thinking and Race curriculum with Professor john a. powell, and more recently, helped to design the 2017 Othering and Belonging Conference with the Haas Institute for a Fair and Inclusive Society.

Sixteen years ago, she and her partner cofounded The Linked Fate Fund for Justice to support grassroots organizing and intermediaries working to end systemic racial inequity. Currently, she serves on the boards of the Groundswell Fund for Reproductive Justice (Treasurer), Groundswell Action Fund (Chair), and is a founding advisory board member of the Perception Institute.