We are a strategic convener of a cohort of AAPI groups; supporting their growth as organizational movement and power building leaders achieving specific policy, systems and transformational change. We support grantees through funding, organizational learning, and peer-to-peer learning and strategy explorations at regular convenings.  

We understand that civic engagement activities are one set of important tools that must be deeply integrated within the other core programs of an organization in order for transformational, systemic change to happen. We have designed a learning program that supports grantees in integrating civic engagement into the overall growth of their work. 

Our Learning Program takes a learner-centered approach to investing in the individual, team, and community growth of grantees. Grantees are invited to reflect on their core learning priorities for growing their organization across four learning areas: civic engagement, strategic communications, organizational development, and intersectional justice. As they identify learning priorities, they are offered varied learning supports – coaching, peer-to-peer exchanges, mentoring – designed to best fit how their teams learn and grow best.   

Throughout a year, grantees identify learning objectives and outcomes, and assess themselves on their progress to growth and development. As they accomplish objectives, they continue to discover new learning opportunities and find effective learning supports on their journey.