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2018 Summer Battleground Poll – Asian American and Pacific Islander Results

We co-sponsored a poll of multi-racial voters in 61 battleground states that are central to the future make-up of Congress for the first time this summer. Other co-sponsors are America’s Voice, Mi Familia Vota, Indivisible, NAACP, and The Immigration Hub. Conducted jointly by Asian American Decisions, Latino Decisions, and the African American Research Collaborative, the poll surveyed Asian American and Pacific Islander, Black, Latinx, Native American, and White voters in five languages (Chinese, English, Korean, Vietnamese, and Spanish).

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2018 Summer Battleground Media Release A Focus on AAPIs in Battleground States

2018 Summer Battleground Media Release Announcement

2018 Summer Battleground – Poll Districts

2018 Summer Battleground – Toplines

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2018 Summer Battleground – Presentation of Results


2018 Summer Battleground Poll Results

From vote choice to views on the Trump administration, AAPIs hold similar
views with Black, Latinx, and in many respects, Native American voters. In sum, AAPIs are again poised to overwhelmingly favor Democratic candidates in 2018 and on issues ranging from gay marriage to gun control, more than 70% express a viewpoint that aligns with the Democratic Party and candidates.

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