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2020 American Election Eve Poll

The AAPI Civic Engagement Fund partnered with twenty-one ally organizations to convene pollsters and conduct the 2020 American Election Eve Poll. This national multi-racial poll offers reliable information about 2020 vote choices and motivations of Native American, Black, Asian American, Latinx, and White voters. We partnered with the following pollsters: Asian American Decisions, African American Research Collaborative, and Latino Decisions to conduct this work.

To better understand the emerging role of AAPI voters, we conducted a separate poll in Georgia’s 7th Congressional District (CD-07). Below we highlight some key findings and supplemental materials on both the national and congressional poll.

Key Findings

  • AAPIs are a powerful and growing constituency. They play a role within the progressive voters of color coalition
  • Asian Americans voted for Joe Biden over Donald Trump by a margin of 68% to 28%.
  • Democrat Carolyn Bourdeaux is projected to win in Georgia’s CD-07, where Asian Americans voted 62% to 36% for Bourdeaux over her opponent. This translates to Asian Americans representing 17% of her total vote and 150% of her winning margin
  • 72% of Asian Americans said Donald Trump does not care or was hostile to Asian American voters
  • 67% of Asian Americans believed President Trump ignored the early warning signs of coronavirus and because of his mismanagement, millions of Americans became sick and more than 220,000 died
  • Asian Americans identified the coronavirus pandemic, jobs and the economy, and health care costs as their top three voting issues in 2020 followed by discrimination and racial justice as a fourth issue. About 80% percent of Asian Americans agree that White Supremacy is a major threat to our country
  • An overwhelming majority of Asian American voters took a progressive stance on a range of social issues


Asian American Results



2020 American Election Eve Poll Results


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“New Polling: Asian Americans Could Help Flip One of the Most-Watched Suburban Congressional Districts in Georgia. Nationally, Asian Americans are indispensable partners of the new progressive coalition.”