Catalist has developed a series of national models, which predict the likelihood that an individual belongs to a particular ethnicity, such as Bangladeshi, as opposed to a broad race such as Asian/Pacific Islander.

After bench-marking commercially available race models, Catalist has developed a new race model that outperforms the commercial alternatives. This new model began being scored on all new Catalist state file releases starting in September 2015. The model is scored at

Catalist has developed a suite of national models that predict the relative likelihood of membership in an ethnicity such as Bangladeshi, as opposed to the broad racial category of Asian American and Pacific Islander. The current suite includes three models,

In this note, Catalist outlines useful practices for recording the self-identified race of individuals who are contacted by canvassers from AAPI-CEF and their partner organizations. AAPI-CEF co-constructed several AAPI ethnicity models in conjunction with Catalist, and has played a key