Stanley Tsao (Washington) brings local, state, national and international community and campaign experience as the Vice President of The Connections Group, a political and communications consultancy. Joining Connections in October 2001, Stanley is responsible for building public involvement programs and media campaigns to accommodate diverse communities and languages, and using new technologies to improve communications techniques. In addition, Stanley’s background includes organizing Asian communities both in the US and in Canada. Stanley is currently a Community Liaison for the City of Seattle and is the Treasurer of APACEvotes. Known as balanced, direct, and committed 24-7, he is excellent at seeing problems before they become crises. He has completed successful media production and campaign projects in Canada, Alaska, and Washington working with labor unions, teacher organizations, minority coalitions, progressive parties, and the private sector. He has conducted focus groups in Chinese and English and he has managed the production of hundreds of direct mail, phone, radio, online, outreach and TV projects.

 Approach to Coaching: I want to use my campaign and community outreach experiences to better position AAPI groups to engage their communities today (not wait until just before a big election) and demonstrate how a diverse and active community will make life better for all Americans. In these challenging political times, we need to get to work, strengthen our abilities, build better networks, share our success stories, empower our community members, and perhaps even elect local AAPI leaders to offices.

Stanley Tsao

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