2023-2024 Creative Catalyst Fellowship: FAQ

View our frequently asked questions below. If your question is not answered here, or if you need more details, please email Jenny at jenny[at]aapifund[dot]org.


  1. Are organizations eligible to apply?
    No. The Creative Catalyst Fellowship is designed for individual artists to apply. 

  2. Are international artists eligible to apply? Is there a U.S. citizenship requirement for applicants?
    Yes, international artists may apply, but keep in mind that the project must align with one of the three themes. Also, there will be additional requirements for international artists, to ensure we are in compliance with federal law.

    There is no U.S. citizenship requirement. However, selected artists will be required to submit either a W-9 (U.S. citizen or U.S. resident alien) or a W8-BEN (for a person outside of the United States).

  3. Can minors apply?
    No. You must be 18 or older to be eligible.

  4. Is my artwork (writing, performance, video/film, podcast/sound/music, etc.) eligible to apply?
    Yes. We are accepting applications for all mediums.

  5. Are there any topics or audiences that are off-limits?
    No. Fellowships will be selected based on the stated criteria and how well the proposal addresses one of the themes of Belonging, Solidarity, or Voting Together.

  6. Can the project be a version of a pre-existing project and/or a part of a larger project?
    Yes. As long as it fulfills the stated criteria.


  1. Is there a word limit on the questions?
    No. There is no word limit. We advise you to keep your response clear and concise.

  2. Can I re-submit my application?
    Only if you submitted your application prior to attending the required webinar and would now like to revise it based on what you learned in the webinar. Please email jenny[at]aapifund[dot]org for instructions.

  3. Can I submit multiple project proposals?
    Yes, but we will only fund one proposal per applicant.

  4. Is there a way to view the application questions without navigating the Google Form?
    Due to feedback, we’ve changed the view of the Google Form so that you can see all the questions in one page. Additionally, we have uploaded the questions as a PDF here.

  5. Can I submit my website or a portfolio, instead of uploading files?
    Yes. In the application form, you can submit a link to a website or portfolio.

  6. What type of work samples are you looking for?
    We are looking for work samples that showcase your skills and past work as an artist to help us assess the strength of your proposal.

  7. Are there examples of past projects that were funded?
    Yes. See our Voting Together 2020 Gallery here

  8. Who is on the jury?
    The selection committee is made up of two women of color artists and our own Executive Director. Proposals will be selected based on the stated criteria.

Project scope

  1. Does all of my artwork need to be completed by March 15, 2024?
    Yes, all artwork must be completed by March 15, 2024. 

  2. Is the theme of Solidarity exclusive to AAPI/Black solidarity?
    No. Solidarity can include other people of color and other marginalized groups. 

  3. Should the project cover all three themes?
    No. Though we see the three themes as related, and may intersect, you must select one as your central theme.

  4. Should projects address the election and voting, even if the theme chosen is not Voting Together?
    While Voting Together may lend itself to the act of voting and the upcoming elections more clearly, whatever the theme that is selected, proposals that demonstrate a relevance to the moment we are living in would be assessed more strongly.

    Because we are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, projects must be nonpartisan, and cannot mention specific candidates. (e.g. “vote for Candidate A” or “vote against Candidate B” is prohibited, but “get out and vote to have your voice heard” is allowed). More information on this can be found here.

  5. Will artists be responsible for distribution and publicity?
    Artists will not solely be responsible for distribution and publicity. Our longtime partner, Change Consulting, LLC, will provide individualized support to artists.

  6. Are there any other requirements of fellows besides producing the final artwork by March 15, 2024?
    Fellows will be required to attend a short orientation in October, respond to check-ins throughout the fellowship, submit the Narrative Report by July 15, 2024, and attend our yearly gathering of the AAPI Fund (date and location TBD). In addition, artists will be involved in distribution and publicity of their artwork.

Payments and contract

  1. Do you require a financial report or a budget for the $30,000?
    No. The $30,000 fellowship is payment for your work. The contract will be a fee-for-service contract. Please note that the payment will be taxable as income. 

  2. Does the artist retain the right to their artwork?
    Artists will retain the full ownership of their art, but we will require the ability to reproduce the artwork as part of our charitable activities.