Southeast Asian Freedom Network (SEAFN) was originally formed in 2001 to create a united front against the deportation crisis of criminalized refugees in Cambodian communities across the US. Chhaya Chhoum of Bronx, NY (now Executive Director of Mekong NYC), put out a national call to community organizers to solidify a national Southeast Asian grassroots movement, defend communities from deportation, and move the collective work out of isolation. After two decades, SEAFN has evolved into a national movement family of anti-deportation projects and local organizations dedicated to the mobilization of Southeast Asians towards abolition.

State: New York
Grant Support Years: 2021-2022 Anti-Racism, 2021-2022 Narrative, 2021-2023, 2022-2023 Anti-Racism, 2022-2023 UPBUILD AAPI