Movement Capacity

We offer trainings, technical assistance, access to tools, and facilitate the coming together of our grantees to foster collective growth.

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The Movement Hub is a curated digital resource for social justice movement builders, organizations, and communities. The resources within it include data, narratives, resources and speakers, and are content created by and for AAPI communities working together towards intersectional justice and shared liberation.

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Annual Gatherings

Since 2014, we have hosted an annual gathering for our grantees and supporters to learn from each other, contemplate timely topics, and build towards a multi-racial democracy.

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Capacity Building

We offer trainings, technical assistance, access to tools, and facilitate the coming together of our grantees to foster collective growth.

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Shared Liberation Network

The Shared Liberation Network is a grantee-led network that facilitates learning and exchanges to deepen relationships, build skills, and explore shared strategies to practice for greater impact.

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Trainings and Technical Assistance

We offer our grantees relevant and responsive capacity support from training, technical assistance, coaching, or exchanges.

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Building Narrative Power

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To ensure AAPI voices and perspectives are inclusive and grounded in communities, we launched AAPI Speaks, a speakers directory and talent bank. Conference planners, media and community groups wishing to request these leaders may do so at AAPI Speaks.

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CAA’s Chinese Digital Engagement (CDE) Program

We collaborated with Chinese for Affirmative Action on its CDE Program. Through their Chinese language website and as well as their social media channels, CAA’s CDE Team engages users in the Chinese language on contemporary issues, mitigates the spread of mis- and disinformation, and works to identify narratives that motivate or appeal to Chinese Americans.

Creative Catalyst

Our Creative Catalyst Fellowship supports proposals that integrate the talents of artists and the activism of grassroots organizations toward artwork that can serve as a catalyst for civic participation. 

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Voting Together

These grants were offered to support local artists to create free-of-charge content that was readily made available to civic engagement groups during the 2020 elections. 

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Community Conversations

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Everything I Learned, I Learned in a Chinese Restaurant

On October 16, 2023, we celebrated the launch of Curtis Chin‘s memoir, “Everything I Learned, I Learned in a Chinese Restaurant.” This virtual event with the author was co-sponsored by RUN AAPI.

“Everything I Learned, I Learned in a Chinese Restaurant” chronicles Curtis’s experience growing up Asian American in the black and white city of Detroit and coming out to his working-class immigrant family, all set against Reagan’s 80’s and his family’s popular Chinese restaurant. The Vincent Chin murder plays a pivotal role in the book, as his uncle was Vincent’s best man. The book, which features plenty of Chinese food and Motown vibes, was published by Little, Brown on October 17.

Asian Americans in an Anti-Black World

Asian Americans in an Anti-Black World

Today, as ever, it is critical that Asian American and Pacific Islander communities join in solidarity with Black communities to advance racial justice. Writer Claire Jean Kim and Colorlines publisher Charlene Sinclair drew from new research to explore the positionality of Asian Americans relative to anti-Blackness and how this positionality is weaponized to reinforce structural anti-Blackness. They also highlighted ways that we can create new narratives to destabilize and effectively fight anti-Blackness, and the harm it perpetuates, to ensure shared prosperity, opportunity and equity.

This event was co-organized by the AAPI Civic Engagement Fund and Colorlines, and co-sponsored by the National AAPI Power Fund, California Black Freedom Fund, Four Freedoms Fund, Groundswell Fund, Groundswell Action Fund, and the RISE Together Fund.

Watch the recording here.

LA County Council Building overlayed an audio recording image. "Behind Closed Doors"

Behind Closed Doors

We co-hosted a new four-part webinar series on Racism and Politics with the USC Sol Price School’s Center for Inclusive Democracy, the California Black Freedom Fund, and the Latino Community Foundation.

These moderated sessions served as a public space for open and challenging conversations examining the nation’s entrenched relationship between racism and politics, a situation recently brought further into the spotlight by the secret recording of a meeting of Los Angeles City Council members making racist remarks.

You can watch the highlights of these four sessions here, or watch each session in full on the USC Price School’s YouTube channel.

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About Us

We are one of the largest funders of Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) movement building organizations. We strengthen democracy in the United States by building the political power of AAPI communities.